Chris Kilcullen CrossFit Hero WOD

This morning at Oakway Fitness our group of crossfitters participated in a Hero WOD (workout of the day) to honor fallen Officer Chris Kilcullen, EOW 4/22/2011, and his family.  We worked out with Kristie Sampson-Kilcullen to show her, and her 2 daughters, our support.  We embraced the hurt with a weighted vest that was loaned to us by the Eugene Police Department and NV-X Sport Compression wear provided by Gateway Medical Equipment.  Our workout was 18 minutes long as Officer Kilcullen’s designator was M18.  We did a 200 meter run, 40 overhead lunges with a 25 pound plate, and 8 burpees to represent his badge number 248.  We ended each round with 2 man makers for his 2 daughters.  All of this was done as a partner WOD, since officers always cover each other, and I was lucky enough to have Elizabeth Lutz as my partner for the workout today.  We were coached by Heidie Ortega-Morris who held back tears as she prepped us for the workout.  The mood in the gym this morning was so touching as we warmed up together and gathered ourselves for the workout.  During each painful, yet powerful, movement we were cheered on by each other and those watching.  We all felt the pain but completely understood our pain was nowhere near what Officer Kilcullen’s family has gone through since his watch ended.  The gym was extra loud today and filled with great enthusiasm and love.  As timing would have it, Kristie and her partner ended the WOD by running up the stairs and through the door together.  We were all inside and applauded their entry with screams, shouts, clapping and complete joy.  It was Gateway Medical’s honor to be included in this event.  Thank you Officer Kilcullen, and blessings to your family.
Laura Latini
Office Manager
Gateway Medical Equipment

Oakway Fitness Center CrossFit WOD